History of Tolman Motorsport

Founded by Christopher Tolman in 2007, after 12 years of experience in professional motorsport. Based in Warwickshire, in the heart of the British Motorsport industry. Since that time, Tolman Motorsport has grown organically and twice outgrown it's premises!

Chris wanted to establish a pioneering motorsport company that recognised the modern world that cars now operate in. After a career being trained as an engineer by the Ministry of Defence, and using that training working in Motorsport, Chris decided that he wanted to set up his own motorsport and restoration business to bring his unique skills and training together to his own customers.

Bringing the new technologies that allow for maximising performance in modern motorsport and improvement in the classics of the past, the skills that the company have under Chris’s leadership now allow, through re engineering and technology, to solve the built in problems of classic cars and make them usable and appropriate for today's harsh motoring environment.

The business has been successful and doubled in size every year since it started. There are now 6 employees and a recently acquired 2500sq ft modern workshop. With our team of ex-factory motorsport and automotive technicians we utilise our knowledge gained from winning multiple world championship titles to benefit our clients. At Tolman Motorsport we offer professional engine builds, chassis preparation, fabrication services, event support and consultation services for current and historic road, race and rally cars and teams.

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